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Why do new parents need to learn cpr?

Why Should New Parents Learn CPR? Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation or more popularly known by its acronym, CPR is a process by which a person who has had a heart attack or has had a condition in which breathing has stopped can be revived.
Children are more prone to such incidents as they might choke after consuming something or there are unable to breathe due to some allergic reaction, and hence it is important for an adult to understand the process of CPR so that the process can be implemented as soon as it is seen. There is a need to bring about regulations that made the learning of such first aid processes mandatory especially for new parents. A new parent is at a very vulnerable stage after having given birth and both physically and mentally she is very stressed and tired. So, as soon as she leaves the hospital and the care of the doctors and nurses she becomes responsible for her baby. At times due to her own weakness and lack of energy the care that is necessary for the baby may not be given. That is why every hospital and medical centers should make it mandatory for both parents to learn the process of CPR. And that is the real reason why every parent should learn infant cpr. Considering taking a class on CPR can enhance the readiness on the part of the parents in case of an incident that could be hazardous. Especially when the child begins walking about and hands reach up to place like the areas where chemicals are kept and which can come in contact with children, there can be accidents. To face such unprecedented events it is advisable for parents to take up the class to combat the condition of CPR. Many parents often ask question like “how do I make my child safe?” and in most cases the answer is to learn cpr.

In most day care centers, it is mandatory to learn cpr, as part of the training process for the day care professionals. Since they deal with very young children who are infants and toddlers, there is a higher chance for such accidents to take place and that is why the process of learning CPR is part of their training. Their training process includes both the learning of child cpr as well as the training for infant cpr as they have to handle children from newborns to the age of five. Common problems that arise at home include choking which can turn really hazardous if it is not taken care of immediately. If the parent has undergone the training to learn cpr, there would be instant care and prevention of choking can be implemented in such cases. So knowing how to keep a child safe at home is the responsibility of the parents and that is why it is important to understand the process of CPR so that the help can be extended immediately. The responsibility of making the learning of this process mandatory is with the health care authorities and a lot of work is being considered today in this direction. We follow American Heart Association (AHA) and Red Cross standards. You too can be a lifesaver today at

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